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Project : Bag Counter
Environment : Turbo C++, Windows 95
Project - Size : 2 Man - Years
Preiod : 3 Calendar Months

The Software was developed to calculate the number of bags produces shift wise with the help of photo electric sensors, which are fitted on 8 assembly lines and are interfaced with PC's. As soon as a shift starts. the supervisor is to log in the system and it automatically puts the time and date stamp and he is asked to enter his name, the counter is automatically updated each time a passes the sensor . various useful reports are generated to view the production line wise / supervisor wise or in totality. This also helps the management in keeping track of the delays in operation of the assembly lines due to the operator's negligence / break downs. System also generates the no. of bags loaded in each truck / railway wagon. It also reports in case if assembly line is stopped during working hours. The system is designed to work in acidic environment of Urea Factory and working continuous 350 days in a year.

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