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Mirza Tanners Ltd. , is one of the largest leather shoe manufacturer/exporter in India, with one of the fastest growing track record in its industry. The company has received presidential award for extra ordinary performance. Mirza Tanners Ltd. has three factories in India at three geographically located areas and one offshore subsidiary at UK by name of MCF Trading UK Ltd.
Project : SHOE-MAN
Application : Purchase, Order, Sales, Accounts, Production & MIS
Environment : VB, SQL Server, MS EXCHANGE and Windows NT
Project - Size : 24 calendar months
Preiod : 18 Calender Months

» Project Details

» Purchase Management
This module keeps track of purchase orders and purchases from the suppliers. It maintains the pending items against every purchase order by which the user can generate a reminder letter to procure that material in time. Being an integrated system an account entry is automatically passed into account module at the time of purchase.

» Order Management System

This module keeps the track of the orders received from the customer & the complete sales accounting,invoicing & packing slips etc. is done with the help of the system. This module is linked to the production planning & inventory also. As there is a built in Bill of material available, back track can always be done to view the status of the stocks in hand required to complete the order. Production schedule is also predicted with the help of this module.
Offshore subsidiary MCF Trading UK Ltd. is engaged in procurement of orders from the customers at UK. Order Booking is done at UK and the data is fed in the system. This software has a EDI Facility between UK and Factory unit-I in India. The data is transmitted to India (Offline), and the production Schedule is transmitted from India to UK to provide the feedback to the customer.

» Production Planning, Scheduling and Batch Wise Costing

This is a core production-planning module, which derives inputs from the Order and Sales Module, Inventory Module, Work in progress and Purchase.Production planning is done for usually 1 month ahead. A cost analysis is done for a complete batch, to evaluate the input cost in different batches & to analyse the reasons for higher input cost if any.>

»Production Planning, Scheduling and Batch Wise Costing

The production is monitored department wise and each department gives a procurement plan to the Purchase department based on lead time and grace period. On their advice the Purchase department proceeds for the purchase of the material.

»Container Planning

For the shipment of the shoes, shoeboxes are packed in cartons of variable sizes. These cartons are further put inside large containers. It is very difficult to place the cartons manually so as to maximise the number of cartons being packed inside the container, so that maximum volume utilisation is done. This complete planning is done by the system.

»Financial Accounting

All the accounts are computerised and the system prepares all the vouchers and all the statutory reports and books of accounts. A powerful MIS generates useful reports like Cash/Fund Flow statements, ratio analysis etc.

»Internet Application

The orders booked by customer/MCF trading are mailed to the corporate headquarter for Manufacturing and feedback on all the order status in production/shipping is made available to all the major buyers through Internet.

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